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Welcome to WIREMAID® Products Corp.

Since 1950, WIREMAID® has designed and manufactured wire products for commerce and industry. WIREMAID is the leader in the design and manufacture of wire mesh cable trays branded CABLE-MGR® as well as safety guards for lighting fixtures, fans, and equipment. Our products are manufactured in the USA using eco-friendly recyclable materials.
WIREMAID's product line is designed for ease of installation, safety and value. Dedicated to service and excellence in workmanship, WIREMAID continually strives to be at the vanguard of its industry.


Making your workflow easier
PRO-10 Cable Tray is ideal for today’s sensitive telecommunications fiber optic cables; but is also used for instrumentation cables, security and even electrical distribution. PRO-10 Cable Tray is used in Ceiling and Plenum spaces, Raised Access Floor areas and Telecom Closets. Indoor and outdoor versions available.


There’s a BIG difference in wire mesh cable trays. Other brands can’t equal PRO-10 Cable Tray benefits and unique design. Stronger Construction – PRO-10 Cable Tray is made from large gauge wire, 4.5mm or greater, with an extra side wire giving stronger, more robust load capabilities and ALL sizes are UL Classified. Built-In splice/ground loops- we’ve removed the finish for a fast and simple connection. Made in the USA – PRO-10 Cable Tray is made in the USA by a USA owned company
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